Rooftop Units

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on January 17, 2014
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When selling a product or providing a service, the first thing your providing your customer is comfort. When customers come to your commerical space to shop or dine their comfort level will influence a customer to stay longer or avoid your space altogether. We can provide you with energy efficient, cutting-edge, reliable commercial HVAC system(s) that keeps your customers coming back.

Air that is exceedingly dry is uncomfortable for many people. Chapped lips, dry and flaking skin, nosebleeds and other problems are common when humidity is very low. Very dry air also causes problems with wood furniture and paint in the home. The humidifier turns water in its reservoir into a fine mist and propels it into the air in the home in order to raise the humidity to comfortable levels.

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Our packaged rooftop commercial air conditioning units are powerful and built smarter with features to handle the most demanding light commercial applications.

    •    Includes gas/electric, air conditioner or heat pump applications in 3- to 10-ton capacities, with horizontal and down flow capabilities in 12.5- to 25-ton capacities
    •    All 3- to 10-ton models feature tubular heat exchangers with two different capacities for greater efficiency and versatility
    •    Durable, dependable scroll compressors found in most of our 3-to 25-ton packaged units ensure our units last longer
    •    A variety of motor and drive types and gas or electric capabilities offer unprecedented flexibility
    •    Factory-installed options—including a stainless steel heat exchanger, smoke detectors, through-the-base electric and powered outlets, and ReliaTel™ Microprocessor     controls
    •    Highly customizable and easy to install

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