HVAC Coils

Guarantee your central air conditioning system's reliability and efficiency with a matched American Standard indoor coil.  Our HVAC coils are designed to transfer heat in order to keep your home comfortable all year long.





Platinum Indoor Coil

By teaming with your air conditioner or heat pump compressor and furnace blower as part of a matched system, American Standards all-aluminum Coil can help provide the highest level of performance and comfort. It works by first receiving refrigerant from the air conditioner or heat pump compressor. The Comfort Coil then allows the heat in the indoor air to be “exchanged” for cooler air. Meanwhile, the blower in your furnace circulates the cool air into your home, while the heat is released to the outdoors. The result? Rust and corrosion are prevented and comfort, efficiency and dependability are improved.

  • - An essential part of your matched system
  • - A strong and sturdy all-aluminum indoor coil.
  • - Superior efficiency and heat transfer
  • - Lasting durability and peace of mind



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