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An HVAC humidifier will increase humidity throughout the entire home. Alternatively, dry air can often lead to dry skin, chapped lips, flaky skin and even nose bleeds. A humidifier turns water inside the system to a superfine mist and sends it throughout the home, in order to raise humidity levels inside the home to a comfortable level.

Air that is exceedingly dry is uncomfortable for many people. Chapped lips, dry and flaking skin, nosebleeds and other problems are common when humidity is very low. Very dry air also causes problems with wood furniture and paint in the home. The humidifier turns water in its reservoir into a fine mist and propels it into the air in the home in order to raise the humidity to comfortable levels.

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Platinum Humidifier

Quiet, automatic humidity control.

    •    Homes up to 4,200 sq ft
    •    Quiet, automatic humidity control
    •    Outdoor temperature monitoring option

Gold Humidifier

The right amount of comfort, automatically.

    •    Homes up to 4,000 sq ft
    •    Quiet, automatic humidity control
    •    Balanced humidity dependent upon the season

Silver Humidifier

Lets you personalize your settings at any time.

    •    Homes up to 3,000 sq ft
    •    Manual control for customizable comfort
    •    Seasonally-regulated humidity balance