Split System

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on January 17, 2014
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Whether the people spending time in your commercial space are shoppers, diners, employees or students, their comfort is your business. We provide smart, efficient and reliable light commercial HVAC systems and products that make sure visitors enjoy every minute in your space. Our affordable and energy-efficient commercial heating and cooling products are flexible for new construction or replacement application—giving you a substantial return on your investment.


Air that is exceedingly dry is uncomfortable for many people. Chapped lips, dry and flaking skin, nosebleeds and other problems are common when humidity is very low. Very dry air also causes problems with wood furniture and paint in the home. The humidifier turns water in its reservoir into a fine mist and propels it into the air in the home in order to raise the humidity to comfortable levels.

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Our durable and dependable split light commercial systems work with a variety of applications to provide the flexibility and freedom in any commercial environment.

    •    Available in cooling-only or heat pump applications with single, dual or dual-manifolded compressor options
    •    Vertical or horizontal airflow is standard—no conversion is necessary to make either airflow application work
    •    High-airflow air handlers combined with high-efficiency compressors increase comfort while keeping energy usage low
    •    Outdoor commercial HVAC units fit into almost any niche, and air handlers slip through standard doorways
    •    Easy to install and service thanks to easy-to-access standardized cabinets with numbered, color-coded wiring

All major components are factory-installed, and rigorous testing at key manufacturing points ensures every American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning split system is run-tested when it leaves the factory


Call us at 817.293.1160 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the many options we have in air humidifiers for your home or office.